Q & A

Questions and Answers

Q: I needed photos yesterday! Can photographs be taken the same day?
A: Email or call our office with your request, details and your deadline.
We will contact you to confirm receipt of request and if we can meet your deadline.
Q: I want to see your photography work. Are there other resources available?
A: Yes online resources of photography can be sent to you via email.

Q: What is your email address?
A:  info@voiceyourbrands.com

Q: What is the lead time to book an event?
A: We need one to three days in advance with a conference call with you for details.
Once quote and invoice is sent to you with payment, we can begin your project.

Q: How Quick can I get my photos, videos or voice-overs?
A: It depends on the job; which can be 1-5 days.

Q: Can I see my photos/videos or voice-over finished product on-line?
A: You will be provided a link to view your product within 1-5 days depending on the
detail of the project.

Q: If I’m not satisfied with your work, what’s my warranty?
A: Your warranty will provide a rework to best meet your expectations.
Our goal is to serve and please our customers.