This photo reminds me of how significant a silhouette can reflect the passion of another.

My husband loves RC Planes and this is one of his favorites.  If you look closely you will

see the other one is flying at 12:00.

Quotes can fly in the hearts of others and change your perspective for the day.

Just like a  photograph can  take you to another place, a timeless place.

The quote below brings me to a place of who I am and where I’m going….Where is it bringing you?


I always thought that my airplane conveyed a silent sermon.  To the earthbound observer, its silhouette was the shape of the cross on which Jesus was crucified.

E.R. Trimble



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Do you MARCH to the Beat?

March Calendar

Do you March to the Beat? or do you Make the Beat?

March has six events that puts Spring on stage for excitement.

Everyone of them gives a reason to celebrate who you are and the gifts God gave you to give back to the world.

You posses your Own Brand and there is no one exactly gifted like you.  So why not take the plunge  and do something you have  been afraid of achieving.

The world is waiting for you to make a difference in their lives.

It’s time to take the first step.  Today My husband told me what he learned years ago.  He said “YOU LEARN THE MOST WHEN YOU ARE HAVING TROUBLES”.

So be glad in troubles because you are discovering a lesson that will bring You to the next level.

Cheers to the March!








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The Definition of Commitment


So there I was exercising at the Irwin Belk Track at Davidson College and noticed a sprint runner I’ve encountered many times before with his coach.

I watched as he transitioned from sitting on the steps to standing on the field.  Walking up to the runner, Loudly I said, “Excuse me sir I want to tell you something. You have just showed me the definition of commitment, it’s the student waiting for the Coach.” I paused, He laughed.  Minutes later I was being orbited by this athlete on the track. As the coach arrived, the athlete stopped running and the coach put him through several warmups.

Then the Runner got into position on the track; the coach pressed the stop-watch and said “GO!”.  If determination and passion can be seen in a runner that day, it was all over this athlete.  Stopping the watch, the coach breathed a smile on her face. It was obvious the runner made record time.

That morning I learned the real definition of COMMITTMENT; it’s DETERMINATION, PRESERVERANCE, the STRENGTH of your WILL and that comes by SHOWING UP Every Day. So how do you show up daily?

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It should still be on Hold!……………………..






Customer Service Story

I worked in Customer Service with Corporate America for 22 years. When employees that serve the public are rude to it’s customers, a negative response is inevitable.

Recently I courtesy called a local auto parts store to let them know a part ordered couldn’t be picked up until the next morning. I Stated my name and the type of part. When I took a breath, the voice on the other end jumped in and talked as fast as one of those auctioneers. He said  “*%*)))))$#$!!!!”.
What? I said? He repeated in the same quick monotone.  Finally I understood the second time.  The clerk said “It should still be on hold.”
I paused a moment and said, “Ok Thank you. “No problem” the voice said on the other end and hung up.  I told my husband. “He didn’t care whether I called or not!”. Hubby said, “See, I told ya!”. Then Cindy said “He really meant to say, Why did you call and bother me anyway, just pick it up tomorrow!” I thought about the entire exchange and what would be the best way to handle a situation like this if I was the Clerk at the parts store. Here’s a win-win solution:

1) Caller: Hi my name is ____________ and ordered a part I can’t pick up today, but plan to pick it up tomorrow.
2) Clerk: Ok _________ can you hold and let me call up your order?
3) Caller: Yes
4) Clerk: (says your name) thank you for holding, I’m confirming your part is on hold ready for pick up. Let me document your ETA (Estimated time of arrival).
Thank you for calling; we look forward to seeing you tomorrow.
3) Caller: Thank You

Now that’s the kind of respect and response to warrant return customers.

Do you know the six words customers LOVE to hear? WHAT CAN I DO TO HELP.
Try these 6 words tomorrow and be the leader you were gifted to BE!

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What does your Future Self look like?

What does your future self look like in five years?
I was asked this question by  The Vibrant Coach, Nicole Greer.
I responded very busy! Doing something I passionately enjoy! Photography is one of my three passions. Find out my other two passions on my website!

In Photography, you can create your future by telling a story of your past, present and your future self. So what does this look like?
I would recommend a photo-show to share with others. This photo-show can be used for special events, birthdays, graduations, retirements, and funerals. Pictures would be scanned from past photos, using current photos shot in digital form and photos of your future as to what you passionately enjoy taken with family, friends, co-workers, acquaintances and celebrities!  Photo-shows can tell an inspirational story that could win an Emmy in the hearts of the people whom you love and appreciate.

So your future self is waiting for you to inspire others. This can be done with photography, videos and voice-over. As I was encouraged to let my light shine through my passions, I encourage you to do also.
And as we let our own LIGHT SHINE, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. …..”as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others….” Excerpt words from “Return to Love” by Mary Ann Williams

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Enjoying Simplicity

This week is a celebration/preparation time when the Thanksgiving decor comes down and the Christmas decor goes up. This task seems simple for some and complicated for others; why?
A simple answer….TIME….Simplicity is defined as uncomplicated; it’s freedom and yields time.

In photography, simplicity is clarity with power. It defines the core of art with the basics of a natural smile, a giggle or a sparkle in the eye of the subject and is compounded when a family member looks into the eye of their beloved.

This Christmas season, try looking at scenes in a different perspective; a subject at a different angle and zoom in on a simple hand, foot or face. You will be amazed at your artistry and will compel you to enjoy the moment like you are in a timeless bubble.

If it starts to become complicated, then stop, regroup, and start over.
Success is always SIMPLE. “Larry Winget”

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