The Definition of Commitment


So there I was exercising at the Irwin Belk Track at Davidson College and noticed a sprint runner I’ve encountered many times before with his coach.

I watched as he transitioned from sitting on the steps to standing on the field.  Walking up to the runner, Loudly I said, “Excuse me sir I want to tell you something. You have just showed me the definition of commitment, it’s the student waiting for the Coach.” I paused, He laughed.  Minutes later I was being orbited by this athlete on the track. As the coach arrived, the athlete stopped running and the coach put him through several warmups.

Then the Runner got into position on the track; the coach pressed the stop-watch and said “GO!”.  If determination and passion can be seen in a runner that day, it was all over this athlete.  Stopping the watch, the coach breathed a smile on her face. It was obvious the runner made record time.

That morning I learned the real definition of COMMITTMENT; it’s DETERMINATION, PRESERVERANCE, the STRENGTH of your WILL and that comes by SHOWING UP Every Day. So how do you show up daily?

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