Enjoying Simplicity

This week is a celebration/preparation time when the Thanksgiving decor comes down and the Christmas decor goes up. This task seems simple for some and complicated for others; why?
A simple answer….TIME….Simplicity is defined as uncomplicated; it’s freedom and yields time.

In photography, simplicity is clarity with power. It defines the core of art with the basics of a natural smile, a giggle or a sparkle in the eye of the subject and is compounded when a family member looks into the eye of their beloved.

This Christmas season, try looking at scenes in a different perspective; a subject at a different angle and zoom in on a simple hand, foot or face. You will be amazed at your artistry and will compel you to enjoy the moment like you are in a timeless bubble.

If it starts to become complicated, then stop, regroup, and start over.
Success is always SIMPLE. “Larry Winget”

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